Thursday, 21 July 2011

* be careful of what you do... *

~ 20th July 2011 ~

           It's been some months since my last posting and I have a lot to blog about but not enough time. 

         Little B and her sister are growing up fast. Her birthday is coming up next week and I have to start thinking faster on how exactly I am going to accomplish her 'doggie' birthday cake she's asked for! * biting nails *

        This afternoon I was trying to get her to take a nap but it was one of those days (actually, it's been happening a lot lately...); where she seemed high on sugar and refused to lay down long enough to doze off!

         So role play came to mind and I pretended to be the 'mei-mei' i.e. younger sister and she was mummy. I dropped onto her side of the bed and whined for sleep. Holding her precious toy puppy whilst imitating her loving rubbings across its nose just before she sleeps off... I closed my eyes. She was playing with the cooking toy utensils on my side and not long she was trying to wake me up with 'milk'. 

Little B : " Come, drink milk. "

Me : " Don't want. I want to sleep. "

Little B : " Drink your milk lah..."

Me : " urrrgh.... I want to sleep! " and turned away.

Next I heard from behind me,  " You don't want I drink ah...."

Still not getting the response she expected, " Mmm....very nice! "

That cracked me cos I do it to her all the time when I try to coax her to eat or drink something. We've been role playing a lot lately and she's a mirror image of all of us and it's really cute and hilarious when she does it without batting an eyelash and so innocently.

This is when I tell myself to be careful of what I do in front of the kids because they are terribly good at imitating whilst adding their own flavours. ;)