Wednesday, 13 April 2011

* Little B the make up artist *

The girls' mum related this story to me this evening and I just cannot help but share it because there is a moral to it... 
Last night, Big E was watching telly and Little B asked her if she could 'make-up' for her and big sister said yes, her attention fully on screen. When the deed was done, Little B had gone to announce to mummy she had just done make-up on her sister.

Mummy thought it was her usual make-up play acting with her toys when Big E came up to her and showed off. 
Holding in her laughter, mummy immediately told her to go upstairs and show daddy who minutes later ran downstairs to mummy with a discreet 'what happened?!!'  when they heard the screams from upstairs!

Big E had gone to inspect her little sister's handiwork in the mirror and was horrified to find her eyes, cheeks and lips were coloured in black! 

Little B had coloured the top portion of her sister's eyes, coloured her cheeks and outlined her lips with a black marker pen! When mummy asked Big E which one Little B had used, she pointed to the 'permanent' ink marker! 

Bad enough the ink spread out as they cleaned and took about 4 washes of make remover before Big E was back to her usual self. Poor girl, it was an absolute nightmare for her.

As for Little B, she had gone and locked herself in the spare bedroom, refusing to apologise! 

To laugh or not, I'm having a hard time shaking whilst typing from laughing so hard. Hopefully this won't kill me.

Oh, and the moral of the story is.....always make sure you can see what others are doing to you instead of allowing blind faith. :)

P/S: Big E refused to allow daddy to take any pictures so my imagination is running wild....! ;P

P/P/S: Mummy said she and daddy belly ached from laughing so much also because Big E went on and on about her face was ruined and she was going to die and how to face people whilst they were trying to clean the ink out. Drama, drama, drama..... :)

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