Wednesday, 30 March 2011

* she listened! *

This evening as I was working with Big E with her homework, Little B insisted on doing some drawing and colouring as well. 

I grabbed a book and the colour pencils and sat her on my other side. Giving her a pencil she started drawing 'circles'. When I realised she was beginning to colour with the pencil, I stuffed a pink colour pencil in her hand and told her to colour in her 'circles'.

While Big E was writing, I turned to look at Little B's work and my jaw almost dropped! She had coloured inside the 'circles' 88% right! Not too long ago, she was doing big strokes and her colouring was all over the place or not filled up completely.

Me : ' Wow B! You are doing very well! Good job! ' 
She beamed with pride. :)

I watched her colour and noticed the method she was going about.... which was suspiciously like my M.O. Mmm....

Me : ' B, why are you colouring in little circles?  Who taught you to do that? '
Little B : ' Nanny-lah. ' she coolly replied.

Now it was my turn to beam with pride. I did tell her a few times to colour in small circles in small spaces to get it even and not go out of the lines as she was heavily mad on big strokes at one time. Her reaction was to pull away or grunt or just ignored me as she continued. Well you can imagine my surprise to know she had after all realised it was a rather useful tip and used it.  :)

Just to be sure, I drew a flower and she did an even better job at it! Mummy came and she too drew two flowers for her and Little B happily coloured them. Of course I asked her to colour the centers with a different colour which I hope she will do more often in future in changing and fusing colours. 

Mummy and I just couldn't stop looking over her head and nodding in excitement and pride.  I showed mummy another picture she did this afternoon.

Little B : ' Mimi ( that's me too. ), I draw a fish for you ya? You wait here ok? ' and dashed off to the sofa with my pen and tiny square papers.

She comes back with what looks like a fish and upon asking which ends were the tail and head, it made perfect simple sense. Mmm....she can draw shapes. Not bad. Now she blows me away with her latest improvement.... :)

Come to think of it.... two days ago, Little B was busy doodling in one of the many old exercise books left for that purpose. I noticed she did little short strokes of colours here and there.

So I asked her if I could draw a picture for her to colour and she happily passed me the book. I drew a face and she was saying it was her mummy. :)

A few minutes later she calls my attention and asked if it was nice or not. I was surprised the lips were not a garish streak as I had anticipated! She had coloured inside. Next she did the eyes and nose, etc and left it. Some scribbles in some places which I thought to be normal for her age. I found it cute the way she coloured the eyes and nose too.

Well all I can say is... from now on I shall be even more cautious and wiser in how I teach her because.... just when I thought she was not interested, today she showed me she did listen! 

Bravo Little B. Mimi is going to start you on many writing and colouring adventures soon. :)

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