Friday, 25 March 2011

* a piercing tale *

Over the weekend Little B's mum told me she was taking her to the jeweller to get her ears pierced on wednesday. It was the Goddess of Mercy's birthday and mummy  was planning to go to the temple that morning to ask for Little B to have a good and painless (or less painful) experience. :)

Come wednesday morning, Little B was in a good mood and as mummy bade goodbye, they both agreed to get her ears done later. She turns to me and nods with a serious smile when I talked about her soon to be pierced ears. She was psyched and excited!

Worried she might balk at what was going to happen, I decided to lay out the facts to her.... gently. ;) 

Me : " B, when you go to the shop, two ' chea-cheas ' will stand by each side of your ears. "
Little B stares at me...

Me : " They will hold these little tools. They look like little guns ok. Then they will place these at your ears, at the same time ..."
Little B continues to stare, her eyes widening... 

Me : " ... they will then count 1..... 2..... 3... piak! and it's all done! "
Little B jumped a little when i said piak and looked a little worried as her mind processed what I just said.

Little B : " Mimi... yours got pain or not? " pointing at my earrings.

Me : " A little... when the guns went piak BUT... after that no more pain. " I smiled.
Little B touched my earring and I could see her mind processing, taking in all I had spoken a while back.

I repeated a few times the countdown bit to prepare her for the outcome; the two chea-cheas standing by her sides so she would not balk at being closely surrounded by strangers; the 'gun' like equipments that were holding her choice of earrings to prevent her from shying at their touch and finally the final result which would make her look so much more prettier and cute! That last bit got her all chatty and giggly. :)

I tagged along with my camera.  Little B was very excited all eight minutes to the mall. Surprisingly calm as she decided  on the star or heart shaped earrings. Next she was on the counter quietly letting the girl mark her lobes. Mummy checked and soon she was on mummy's lap.

Her face was watchful as the two girls stood by her sides, equipments in their hands. As they placed the ' guns ' to her ears, we were telling her not to move, keep still... she looked at us, concentrating in her near surroundings.

 The two girls spoke to each other and suddenly... 'puck'! Little B jumped, startled by the ' guns ' release. She looked as if she was about to cry but was distracted by the cool spray on her ears by one of the girls and our happy giggles and compliments! 

She lightly brushed one earring, affirmation of an accomplished desire. She smiled and soon posed each ear for my camera. Slight redness around her lobes and no tears but a big smile stayed with her. Time for that ice cream daddy promised! * wink *

Note : 'Chea - chea' ~ Big sister in chinese.

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