Sunday, 30 January 2011

* slumber party *

~ 29th January 2011 ~

Yesterday was my birthday and I had planned a night in with Little B and Big E. Nothing fussy nor aloud, just some fun time with them :)

Night before a close friend decided to stay over too as she was not working today. Hence hatched the plan for a joy ride to get her after work in the evening. 

But...another friend sms saying she was going in the same area for awhile and so we jumped in her car to the mall and former friend met us there whilst we were having dinner at the Chicken Rice Shop. 

For some reason, both girls wanted doughnut and I insisted something solid first before doughnuts and Little B relented. At the table Little B declared firmly, " I don't want to eat vegetable. " 
We looked at her taken aback and I said, " OK ".

Big E tucked into her honey bbq chicken whilst Little B had her rice and soup. Noted, she ate the spring onions in her soup. When she had enough of rice, she started to scoop the vegetable stems in the soup. Offering me, I declined and suddenly she started to chew on it. So much for her earlier declaration! Hahah

My friend then whips out a cupcake, green based with a cute little flower in the center and lit a candle on it. Curious, the rest learnt of my birthday and the kids got all excited. Singing the birthday song... Little B on my side and Big E across the table tried to blow out the candle at the end of the song. I pretended to do the same, watching them in amusement. Suddenly Big E jumped up in her seat, thinking she would get to her mission better. Hahaha. Finally I blew it out. ;P

Cutting the cupcake into 6 parts, the center part slightly bigger... the conversation came upon who would get the ' hard to slit in two ' sugar flower. With two little hands pointing at themselves as I waved it between them... I popped it into my mouth! Hehehe. Awww...... ;) They had the bigger slices of course, wolfed down in minutes. :)

 We got home; cleaned up; changed into our jammies; brought down the sofa bed; dragged out the spare mattress; set them side by side; pillows, blankets & bolsters out; AC on; fan turned on low and most of all....lights on the cherry tree twinkling. ;)

Giggles and laughter, kiddies' night caps * wink *, small time dramas, chit chats to eventual zzz......s.

Perfect! :)

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