Thursday, 27 January 2011

* cooking with Little B *

This morning Little B was playing at cooking for kakak and I. She asked us what we wanted to eat and promptly went off to 'cook' with the pots and pans I have for them, some from Ikea. Out of the set, we have a pot with a strainer unit and cover. She served kakak using the strainer and brought the pot to me.
So both of us were exclaiming over the 'quantity' served and she just smiled. 
Five minutes later kakak said,  " B, I cannot finish this. It's too much! "

She turned to her and replied, " Ha?! Cannot finish? Why? Why? " in a loud grim tone.
I was standing a few feet away and I  burst out laughing because she sounded exactly like us when we would tell her off at meal times.

Kakak : " I cannot. You gave so much, how to finish? "

Little B : " Why cannot? " shaking her head and I swear I could hear the faint 'tsk! tsk!' in her voice. ;)

A few weeks back, she was doing her usual serious cooking and informed me she was cooking for me. I said thank you and waited patiently beside her, watching.

Soon she scooped some knick knacks onto a plate and served me. I made a big show of enjoying every morsel and passed it back to her saying, " Mmm...that was so delicious. What was it? "

Little B : " chicken rice."

Me :  " Well I must say that was the best chicken rice I've ever tasted. Thank you very much B. "

Little B : " you're welcome " with a smile as she continued cooking again.

Kakak was just setting the lunch table when Little B shouts at her, " Kakak I cook for you ok? "

Kakak :  " Ok "

Little B :  " I cook for kakak ok. " looking at me.

Me : "Ok "

Little B : " This I cook for kakak ok... nanny, you enough already ah... "

I was flabbergasted! All I did was stay put, watching her the whole time.... " what?!" I spurted.

She coolly looked at me, furrowed her eyebrows, " Nanny, you ate so much, enough already ok. I cook for kakak now. "

Oh dear.... she's a little old lady! LOL!!!

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