Thursday, 8 September 2011

* compilation *

~ 08th Sept 2011 ~

Once again, I've been swamped with laziness to remember, think and type hence the long silence since July. So much has happened and whenever I wanted to blog, the timing was wrong and when it was right, I was not in the mood. Anyway, I'm compiling a few short ones I can still remember in here so that I too will some day return here for a pick me up or to simply laugh. :)

** A few days back whilst in the car, the girls seemed to be high on sugar and this conversation came about....

Big E : " B, you know what is Malaysia or not? "
Little B : " I know....Satu Malaysia! "
Big E : " No's.... Kita, satu Malaysia..... "  she sang.
Me : rolled my eyes!!!

** Yesterday, the telly was playing a patriotic song and I heard Little B singing along whilst I was chatting to a neighbour. Suddenly she calls for my attention to the telly.
Turning around towards the telly I saw typical Malaysian scenes of people and their cultures and our country's flag waving.

Little B : " Look Mimi! That is Malaysia flag! " beaming proudly.

** Today is their daddy's birthday and so I got them to draw their own cards for him. 
Big E did hers independantly with black Happy birthday my dad on its front with her and flowers. Inside she drew herself with her dad and the top was filled with lots of hearts! Stars were later added at the bottom and she coloured them all by herself. :)

Little B decided on Happy birthday papa with flowers on the front with the sun and birds.
Inside amongst lots of flowers and hearts, I wrote...with lots of love from B (ngek-ngek) An expression she makes when she turns into baby mode and dad calls her that sometimes. ;)

As I wrote, her fingers held the markers. I then told her to colour the flowers and hearts and she was halfway when mummy came. Grabbing a yellow colour pencil, she said she wanted to take it back to continue colouring. 
Me :  " OK but bring it back here tomorrow ya as I don't have anymore yellows. "
Little B : " Got lah...."
Me : " No lah....that's the last one "
Little B : " Got lah Mimi. "
Me : " B, that is the last one ok. Just bring it back tomorrow ok? "
Little B : " No more can buy some more lah...." as she scooted off to the car!

** Last week, when I gave each girl a pack of sea weed ready to eat, Little B turned around and looked at me with such a happy smile....

Little B : " I like Mimi because she gives me sea weed! "
Big E : " Me too! Me too! "
Me : gasping in between laughter!

Next day, I got them lollipops and this is what I got...

Little B : " I like Mimi because she gives me lollipop and sea weed! " Hee hee...
Big E : " Me too! I like Mimi because she gives me lollipop and sea weed! "
Me :  Laughing so hard and trying not to run over shoppers as we left the car park!

**Last week, we were creating our own bedtime story and each of us took turns. Mind you I was quite sleepy and a bit impatient to finish and I picked up whatever came out from their mouths. This is what we got....
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Lola. (yep, from Big E!)
She was very naughty. She had a boy friend named Nan-nan. ( Little B couldn't think of a name and at the same time asked for milk & sleepy me settled on it. Girls wouldn't stop giggling since.)
One day, Lola wanted to kiss Nan-nan but Nan-nan cried out, " NO! NO! " pushing Lola away and soon ran off.
Poor Lola was unhappy and cried.
Later Nan-nan came back and kissed Lola and they lived happily ever after! 
The end. ( yeah, could not finish the story vividly as they were so hysterical with the Nan-nan name and kissing bit and with the sleepy nanny trying to finish off....funny bedtime story right? ;P )

They are adorable and conversations are getting more and more interesting as they banter and share wits. Never a dull moment :)


  1. Hi Juno, hey! I missed you. How you doin'?
    Much water has flowed down Sungei Klang and niagara Falls since last visited you.
    Got no link....But today found you again.

    Ha ha, love the chat in the car. Kids can be amusing.
    How's the doggies? Still chewing slippers?
    You have a great week, and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards.

  2. Hi Uncle Lee,

    So nice to hear from you! Yes it's been awhile and I noted you're still busy blogging unlike me, blogging in my head mostly. :)

    The dog has given up on chewing slippers but sometimes chews on my plants' dead stems or dried out leaves as if the gardener in him is trying to tell me to prune & check on my plants more often! Hahaha

    My kids....they're a riot & a joy to be around with. Emotions are up & down all in ten minutes. How to be bored? ;)

    Enjoy your week too & lovely to stay in touch. Forgive my absence from your know why now. :) xoxo