Saturday, 15 October 2011

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~ October 14th 2011 ~

Besides Big E and Little B, I am also looking after a little boy since mid december last year. I shall call him YX boy. He recently turned one in September. :)

The first time he came to my place with his grandparents and his mother, we placed him on the sofa bed that occupied my living room. Suddenly Little B burst in between us with her little pillow in her hand. Climbing up onto the sofa, she looks at me...  "Mimi, pillow for baby!". Watching me place her pillow under YX boy's little head, she sat beside him cooing, singing and smiling at us.
That was a very memorable moment. So innocent and sincere.... melted my heart. YX boy's family were assured a little as well. 

Over the months, Little B became more and more attached to YX boy. She's also very protective of him, screening visitors and friends to my place when they play with him.
The other day she called for me several times and when I got there, she insisted I take him off my friend because my friend asked her if she could take him home! Everytime someone says they want to take him home to their place, she would firmly say, "cannot" and sternly argue (if it got that far) that his mother was coming to fetch him later and recently she added his mother would cry! ;)

Which brings us to today's afternoon conversation before her nap... laying in the cot beside sleeping YX boy.

Little B : YX boy so cute lah...I like him so much!
Me : Mmm.....
Little B : Mimi, can I take her home?
Me : Her? Who?
Little B : YX lah....
Me : Oh... him dear.
Little B : Who?
Me : YX boy. He is a boy so you say HIM not Her.
Little B : Him...can or not?
Me :  Can what?
Little B : Can I....
Me : May I....
Little B : May I take her ...
Me : Him.....
Little B : May I take YX boy home or not? 
Me : him?
Little B : (Big sigh) Mimi......may I take him home? 
Me : oh....cannot.
Little B : Why lei...?
Me : Because his mummy will cry.
Little B : No lah...
Me : Yeah....and who is going to take care of him at your place?
Litte B : Me lah.
Me : Are you sure? What if you are watching tv, who will take care of him then? 
Little B : Mummy lah.
Me : Cannot lah...
Little B : Then I go sleep in his house can?
Me : Cannot.... then your mummy will cry!
Little B : Mmm..... ok, YX boy come to my house and M boy (her cousin ~ about 18months old) can stay in YX boy's house.
Me : Huh? Aiyoh... M boy will cry lah.
Little B :  Then kakak will stay with M boy lah. Then mummy, cheah cheah, YX boy, me, kakak go for dinner. :)
Me :Huh? How can kakak go for dinner if she is staying with M boy??
Little B : No lah...kakak S (M boy's maid).

Me : (Stunned) Waaah...... you've got it all planned out huh? 

Little B smiled and we both giggled! ;)

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